Wen Spa is a Massage Therapist in Coraopolis, PA

If you happen to be looking for a true quality licensed massage therapist in Coraopolis, PA and the local areas, look no further than Wen Spa. I am proud and excited to offer my massage therapy and dedicate my time and efforts to helping people re-discover their health and wellness. I believe that with our busy lifestyles, constant interruptions, and chaotic schedules, we could all use some time to just relax and renew whether it be with a therapeutic massage or deep tissue massage. Please call me for an appointment or to discuss which massage may be right for you.

My versatile services include, but not limited to acupressure, deep tissue massage, therapeutic massage, pain management, hot stone therapy, foot reflexology, Chinese traditional medicine, bodywork, shiatsu massages, light touch massage, Swedish massage, vacuum cupping, fire cupping, and gua sha.

With years of professional experience, you can rest assured that Wen Spa will provide you with the outstanding service and personalized care that you deserve. I have the utmost dedication to expediency, convenience, thoroughness, attention to detail and superior quality, all of which you will be able to see in the results. Whether you are needing to just relax and escape the world for an hour with a therapeutic, yet relaxing massage, or are interested in the incredible benefits of acupressure and Chinese traditional medicine, I will help to find the best fit for you. To see what benefits I can offer you, by detailing a massage to fit your specific health needs, please contact me or visit Wen Spa today.

What Makes Us Proud
  • Friendly and Welcoming Environment
  • Professional Service
  • Reasonable Prices
Locations Served
  • Coraopolis, PA